From Lucy to Language


February 16, 2003

Teaser: By Donald Johanson and Blake Edgar, Hardcover: 272 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 1.13 x 12.18 x 10.34; Illustrations: 177 color, Publisher: Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0684810239; (November 1996), List Price: $60.00

From Lucy to Language is one of the greatest stories ever told, bracketing the timeline between bipedalism and human language. Part I addresses the central issues facing anyone seeking to decipher the mystery of human origins and evolution.

Part II profiles over fifty of the most significant early human fossils ever found, each displayed at its actual size in stunning color photos. Like no species before us, we now seem poised to control vast parts of the planet and its life. We possess the power to influence, if not govern evolution.

For that reason, we must not forget our link to the natural world and our debt to natural selection. We need to "think deep" to add a dose of geologic time and evolutionary history to our perspective of who we are, where we come from, and where we are headed. This is the most poignant lesson this book has to offer.

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Peter Nevraumont

Peter N. Nevraumont is publisher of Nevraumont Publishing Company where he has produced books by many prominent scientists, including Donald Johanson, Niles Eldredge, Ian Tattersall, Lynn Margulis, and R. McNeill Alexander.

Prior to that he was a reporter for Women's Wear Daily (now W), an editor at Macmillan Publishing, Managing Editor of the Columbia University Forum, an assistant producer at Universal Pictures, National Director of Advertising and Promotion at Films Incorporated, and Vice President at Ruby Street.

Peter lives in the Wall Street area of New York with his wife, Ann Perrini.