Learning Center


December 22, 2008

Subject-designed exercises, activities, and games are useful tools to help learners of any age make a connection between a concept and understanding that concept. These activities are an important part of how Becoming Human strives to combine visual and tactile elements in the learning process.

Classroom Materials

A variety of classroom exercises that can be downloaded from the site.

Games and Activities

Interactive activities add understanding to some of the concepts of human evolution.

  • The Chromosome Connection

    The Chromosome Connection

    Students are taken on a chromosome comparison "adventure", in which the banding patterns are compared on the chromosomes of humans and apes.

  • Building Bodies

    Calculating Cousins

    Upright posture and the ability to walk on two legs are crucial, major adaptations associated with the divergence of the human lineage from a common ancestor with the African apes. Learn how we stood up!