Lucy completes US tour - SoCal is last stop


February 20, 2013

The world famous 3 million year old fossil nicknamed Lucy has been touring the United States for the past five years and is now headed home to her place of origin, Ethiopia. Discovered by Donald Johansson, founder of the Institute of Human Origins, in 1974 is making her last stop in the US and is on exhibit at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California through April 28.

This 40% complete skeleton remains the earliest example of one of humanity's distinguishing characteristics, committed bipedality or walking upright on two legs.. These are the original bones, not reproductions, and are dated to 3.2 million years ago.  Lucy is discussed extensively on this website, most compellingly in the downloadable documentary “Becoming Human” on our home page.

A story appearing in the Orange County Register gives more details about the exhibit.   the museum is preparing a study guide for teachers and their students, many of whom will be studying Lucy and her role in human evolution at this point in the academic year. It is hoped this study guide will be available online next week.