New Transcripts Available


February 01, 2011

Two new transcripts of our award winning Documentary are available at BecomingHuman. One is in English, correcting an earlier version, and the other is in Sinhala, the majority language of Sri Lanka.  These additions expand our efforts to make this website as accessible as possible, both to the hearing impaired and those for whom the spoken English of the Documentary can be difficult.

The Documentary is a survey of how our bipedal ape like ancestors developed those adaptations we think of as human.  Donald Johanson, who discovered the famous "Lucy" fossil in 1974, a discovery that has led to incovering  the greatest single collection of fossils of a single lineage, that of Australopithecus afarensis, lrads the discussion in which he is joined by colleagues Ian Tattersall, Alan Walker, Nina Jablonsky, Kaye Reed, Gerry Eck and Yoel Rak.