Saudi Arabia & Out of Africa


September 05, 2021

Two articles on middle and late Pleistocene incursions by Homo sapiens and earlier Hominins into what is now Saudi Arabia were published in the journal Nature on September 1.

“The Arabian Peninsula was a key migratory crossroads when humans and our hominin relatives began to leave Africa. Archaeological evidence and climate reconstructions reveal episodes when early humans inhabited Arabia. “ so says Robin Dennell of Exeter university in introducing an analytical commentary.

The companion piece is a paper entitled "Multiple hominin dispersals into Southwest Asia over the past 400,000 years” by Goucott et al.

It should be noted there were no skeletal finds at the site KAM 4 but a variety of artifact finds.

The Goucott et al. Article can be found at and  the Dennell  article on the same subject can be found at